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Stop wasting time and money on inferior infrared.

50% of roofs don’t need to be torn off. With our patented NASA-rated aerial infrared technology, we can prove it.



RAM’s patented infrared lets you pinpoint the status of your roof’s lifecycle. Would you have surgery without MRI, X-ray testing, or blood work? Knowing the status of your roof can save you millions by allowing you to spend pennies to save dollars. Additionally, RAM offers a full suite of services that cover everything from consulting to engineering services. We can support you in every step of your roofing journey, no matter how large your roofing portfolio is.


“RAM Companies' Assessment revealed that the roof did not need to be replaced. RAM Companies recommended a roof restoration, removed wet roof areas, removed the skylights and designed a structural solution to the skylight replacement. In addition to saving significant capital dollars, RAM Companies was able to prevent significant debris that would have been sent to the landfill.”
Ohio School District
“Only four of the eighteen buildings showed evidence of significant moisture anomalies. Overall, the Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Scans and the Visual Roof Surveys indicated that the various roof systems on most of the buildings were in fair condition, and have the ability to provide additional service life. In many cases, the roof systems could be expected to provide 8-10 years or more of additional service life.”
Manufacturing Facility
“RAM’s energy modeling incorporated the building’s thermal performance, ASHRAE / DOE criteria, and Client climate/energy data to determine that the upgraded roofing systems will save the facility over $18 Million in energy costs over the next 20 years…more than paying for the surveys, design, new roofing system materials/installation, safety and interior protection costs!”