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RAM’s Aerial Pavement Assessments Have You Covered

Infrared Scans and Analysis - RAM USA


Aerial infrared roof scanning is a technique for detecting and diagnosing roof problems. Our industry-leading aerial infrared services are cutting-edge, non-destructive diagnostic tools that quickly, accurately and affordably detect hidden issues in your roofs. Using our patented process, we fly a specialized camera mounted on a plane over the top of the building. During an aerial infrared roof scan, the camera records roof images in the infrared spectrum and identifies areas of the roof that are hotter or cooler than the surrounding areas. These temperature variations may indicate moisture infiltration, damaged insulation or other problems affecting the roof’s performance.

A flat roof infrared inspection is a tried and true method for detecting trapped moisture – our analysis team processes, mixes and colors all infrared data and high-resolution daytime images. The procedure detects areas of measurable substrate moisture in an existing roof system. As a result, building owners and property management companies use infrared thermography to identify roof problems and avoid downtime and production losses.

Our Patented Method

RAM Companies' patented method results from 35 years of research in infrared analysis. Our infrared imaging system, which consists of a laboratory-grade camera mounted on an aircraft, covers more ground in a single flight than most inspection firms do with drones. This saves you considerable money, particularly on large-scale projects. Moreover, with our white-to-black color scale, you can quickly and precisely detect roof temperatures and access these images at any time via our web-based RAM Command Center.

In many ways, our patented thermal imaging system outperforms drones, such as taking better photos, being more sensitive and being able to fly in more places. Cities may have laws prohibiting the use of drones, but planes can fly wherever they want, except Washington, D.C. Furthermore, planes can fly in stronger winds than drones, and sites can be scanned without the help of an employee, resulting in fewer delays. Finally, unlike drones, our imaging system examines national portfolios or entire cities in real-time.

The Benefits to Business Owners

For various reasons, a business owner may request an aerial infrared roof scan. For example, assume they are concerned about the state of their roof and want to identify any potential problems before they worsen. In that case, an aerial infrared roof scan helps them identify issues and take corrective action. Furthermore, an aerial infrared roof scan is a valuable tool for identifying areas needing repair or replacement, allowing business owners to prioritize their roof maintenance efforts and budget accordingly.

An infrared roof survey provides the vital data needed for creating an effective roof maintenance plan, determining budgets and choosing to repair, replace or recoat your roof. Due to the high cost of replacing a damaged roof, business owners should conduct thermographic roof inspections whenever a building is purchased, sold or leased.

Ultimately, the benefit of our thermal imaging system is that we use it to identify and investigate anomalies between different buildings or structures. By capturing thermal images of different sites, you can identify unusual heat flows or thermal differences, which helps pinpoint areas of potential concern. This can assist you in taking proactive measures to reduce their risk of damage or loss, saving time and money.


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