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Get Above the Issue with Our Aerial Analysis



Our patented aerial assessments enable us to develop a preventative site management strategy and make the best recommendations to protect your property and investment. Unseen moisture damage costs building owners in the United States billions of dollars in reroofing, repairs, energy losses, asset depreciation and sick days due to mold and mildew. RAM Companies' in-house aerial infrared services are cutting-edge and accurately and quickly find hidden moisture in your low-slope roofs, assisting in creating dependable and long-term solutions to protect your buildings.

As part of our assessment, we perform two flights: one during the day to collect high-resolution images of the roofs for the report and one after sundown to capture an infrared roof scan. Our high-definition property imagery includes vertical property assessments (photos taken directly above the property) and oblique property assessments (images taken from an angle of 30 degrees to 50 degrees of the building’s four primary sides).

Technical Reporting (Aerial Services)

RAM Companies will perform our 5-step analysis process on the aerial images and present the results of our analysis in our technical report. This includes the following:

Results of the aerial infrared scan


High-resolution daytime digital image


Nighttime thermal image


Colorized (blended) digital image showing areas of suspected substrate moisture and areas requiring additional investigation


Approximate area (square feet) of the suspected wet substrate


Additional recommendations, as noted from the scan


We use the final report to guide future decisions and funding for the roof/building envelope requirements. Our analysis team includes the report’s findings from the visual roof survey and the aerial infrared scan.


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