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Pavement Consulting

Increase the Lifespan of Your Pavement Systems

Pavement Consulting


In today’s highly competitive market, pavement owners must increase pavement durability and serviceability to stay competitive. Due to limited funding for maintenance and rehabilitation, however, owners must manage their pavements with care. RAM Companies' pavement consulting group analyzes and evaluates existing pavements, designs and builds new pavements and collects and conducts research on pavements. We help owners find pavement maintenance and rehabilitation solutions by combining engineering practice, advanced testing equipment and design concepts that have been proven to work. Additionally, our services enable us to determine a dependable solution for any paving issue quickly and efficiently.

Our initial consulting and evaluation services will include the following components:

  • Obtain from the client any available historical data
  • Plan the collection of aerial data by considering site utilization, weather and location
  • Compile, archive and organize field data for laboratory analysis
  • Identify and measure distress and damages to the pavement, such as cracks and potholes
  • Calculate the paving surface area using the RAM LOC assessment system and the client’s priorities
  • Provide name, location, score and rank tables and supplementary visuals

In addition to collecting infrared and visual imagery from above the decks, obtaining infrared and visual imagery from above the decks has several advantages. For example, it allows for more detailed data collection. The analysis also covers areas inaccessible by vehicle or foot and has a larger field of view for infrared thermography. This allows for more accurate analysis without extra manipulation. Another advantage is that data collection occurs without causing traffic disruptions or requiring closures.

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is a widely recognized pavement rating that provides a snapshot of a road’s pavement condition. A PCI score is from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best. It’s determined by how well the calculation factors in various factors, including pavement age, climate, precipitation, traffic loads and maintenance funding availability.

Various factors can influence pavement quality, performance and longevity, including design, planning, budgets, schedules, material manufacturers, placement techniques, project supervision, pavement management programs and expert guidance, knowledge and advice. Regular maintenance also makes your property more valuable, lowers capital improvement project costs and reduces the risk of defective pavements.


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