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Roof Moisture Scans

Detect Leaks and Other Moisture Issues that Will Cost You Money Unchecked

Roof Moisture Scans


As a business owner, you must have a method for evaluating the performance and condition of your commercial roof. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance and prompt repairs help your roof last longer and save you money in the long run. As technology advances, aerial infrared roof moisture scans detect problems earlier, allowing preventative maintenance instead of costly repairs.

Large commercial and industrial structures often feature complex roofing systems and other structures unique to the building. Therefore, it is essential to properly maintain these structures to protect their long-term energy efficiency and structural integrity. This is where aerial infrared roof moisture scans come into play. These scans use advanced infrared imaging technologies to reveal the moisture content of a building’s roof and other structures.

Benefits to Businesses

No one wants to discover that their commercial building’s roof is outdated or hazardous. Thankfully, infrared roof moisture scans offer businesses several benefits, such as detecting wet insulation, locating leaky areas, assessing the roof deck’s condition, identifying damaged areas and measuring temperatures in various roof areas. This information is vital for commercial roofs because it helps businesses keep the systems durable and effective.

This imaging technique has many benefits, such as detecting water intrusion and identifying areas of excess condensation that contribute to mold and other structural issues. Moisture scans show potential problems with the building envelope, such as roofs and walls, which are expensive to fix and result in extra energy loss. In addition, we use the data collected from an aerial infrared scan to design preventive maintenance strategies so you can become more energy efficient in the future.

Infrared roof moisture scans also offer significant advantages in their accuracy and range. Our high-quality infrared imaging systems precisely detect moisture behind obstructions, which are difficult to detect during a conventional inspection. This provides a detailed data analysis that lets businesses know that the information they receive from the scan is accurate and complete.

Another significant advantage of aerial infrared roof moisture scans is that we do not need to inspect the roof physically. This saves businesses time and money, as they do not need to hire additional personnel or equipment to perform the scan.

Lastly, aerial infrared roof moisture scans provide the information we use to diagnose current roofing issues and predict potential future problems. We employ this information to create a customized roof maintenance plan for each business, which helps us identify potential problems and implement preventive measures.

Save Time and Money

Aerial infrared roof moisture scanning saves businesses time and money. This imaging technology lessens the need for labor-intensive inspections and repairs by providing a comprehensive view of the roofing system. Additionally, early identification of problem areas aids in preventing energy losses by preventing further water damage and promoting long-term energy efficiency. With aerial infrared roof moisture scans, businesses know if their buildings are operating smoothly and efficiently, saving time and money.

When it comes to protecting your business against potential damage, it is essential to have accurate information about the condition of your roof. Thankfully, aerial infrared roof moisture scans quickly and easily provide this information. These scans use thermal imaging technology to identify problem areas without requiring a roof inspection. As a result, this non-invasive method saves businesses time and money by preventing costly repairs in the future. Moreover, with aerial infrared roof moisture scans, businesses can anticipate potential roof problems before they require extensive repairs.


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