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Energy Thermal Scans

Energy Thermal Scans


As energy prices continue to rise, it is more important than ever for businesses to take proactive measures to reduce their energy consumption. Aerial infrared thermal energy loss scanning, which measures the amount of heat lost from a building or facility, is a great way to identify ways to reduce energy costs significantly. Furthermore, aerial infrared thermal energy loss scanning helps businesses save money by identifying areas that need better insulation and energy efficiency.

RAM Companies detects, localizes and quantifies thermal energy loss within a building using aerial infrared thermal energy loss scanning. We precisely identify thermal energy losses by scanning a building or facility with an infrared camera mounted on an aerial platform. The technology emits infrared light that detects differences in thermal emission. Any anomalies in thermal emissions are then displayed on a map or readout, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. This thermographic scan enables businesses to identify areas of a building with excessive thermal energy loss and quickly and effectively address specific issues.

Finally, aerial infrared thermal energy loss scanning helps businesses plan for the future. Companies can plan for future energy needs and be better prepared for market shifts by thoroughly analyzing current energy expenditures. As a result, businesses strive to make cost-effective decisions that result in long-term savings through careful planning. Detecting thermal energy loss is a fantastic way to save money, cut costs and improve energy efficiency.

Infrared thermal energy loss scanning is a powerful tool for gaining valuable insights into a company’s operations and how to improve them. Businesses can use aerial scanning technology to accurately assess heat loss in inaccessible or difficult-to-measure areas. This data enables companies to identify where they are losing money and adjust their strategies to conserve energy and reduce the costs associated with energy waste. Using infrared thermal energy loss scanning techniques saves money and reduces energy consumption. As a result, the industry’s outlook is positive, and thermal scanning technology has enormous potential to improve businesses’ bottom lines.


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