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Patented Aerial Infrared Thermography

A Cost-Effective Method for Ensuring System Reliability

Patented Aerial Infrared Thermography


RAM Companies' aerial infrared analysis services are industry-leading, non-destructive diagnostic services used to find hidden moisture in your roofs accurately, quickly and affordably. Our patented process detects even small amounts of moisture early on, which helps prevent more severe problems and saves you from wasting money. Additionally, we reuse roof insulation without voiding the warranty, saving money and resources.

Our patent is for a way to find problems on the surface of a building using special equipment. This includes issues like wear and tear or other factors weakening the structure. Using our patented method, we accurately locate and study these problems to fix them better.

We have been studying this method for 35 years, developing the most advanced infrared analysis system with our aerial infrared process. This system uses infrared imaging from an aircraft to scan more area in one flight than drones used by other inspection companies.

  • A drone can take several days to scan a large facility, whereas a fixed-wing aircraft can do so in 15 to 20 minutes
  • It takes longer for drones to scan each facility, increasing costs
  • Drone cameras provide less detail and resolution for analysis
  • Because drones are less sensitive to temperature changes, it is impossible to locate new wet spots and accurately assess the scope of the problem
  • Drones have a lower frame rate, which causes motion blur and complicates the analysis process even further
  • It is illegal to fly drones over people

Our state-of-the-art thermal imaging system has many advantages over drones. It has significantly higher photo resolution, is more sensitive, and has fewer flight restrictions. Some cities ban drones, but planes can go anywhere except Washington, D.C. Also, planes can fly in strong winds and scan sites without people or employees present, which means fewer delays. Lastly, planes allow us to scan multiple locations at once, making the process more efficient.

Our advanced imaging system also analyzes national portfolios or whole cities quickly and affordably. With RAM Companies' Aerial Infrared Analysis Services, you can trust that you are getting the most reliable and advanced diagnostic service available. Our team of experienced professionals provides expert diagnosis and analysis of any infrared anomaly, regardless of size or severity.


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