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Project Management

Personalized, High-Quality Management Services for Your Roof Construction Needs

Project Management


If you are planning a roofing project, hire RAM Companies to supervise its completion to ensure that the contractor completes it correctly, safely and per code. To finish a construction project, project managers must periodically perform quality control inspections on the roof where the action occurs. Even one inexperienced roofer can derail your team’s hard work in designing your roof, wasting thousands of dollars in resources and jeopardizing your business.

RAM Companies collaborates with building owners and managers to accelerate construction and reduce roof installation costs. Furthermore, we help our clients avoid court, particularly in matters of safety, protecting their investment and relieving roof construction project management.

We adhere to procedures that ensure our client receives the full manufacturer’s warranty. Because of our extensive experience, we effectively manage and direct roofing crews. We also help clients draft the contract between themselves and the contractor, including any financial obligations. RAM Companies tracks the project and notifies clients of any issues. Additionally, we represent our clients in negotiations with builders, tenants, workers or regulatory agencies. Our objective is to complete the project on time and without incident.

Commercial Roof Specifications

When you hire us for roof design and specifications, we provide detailed roofing schematics so you can negotiate the best price with local contractors. Our plans are based on current code requirements and are compliant with all applicable codes and statutory requirements for planning, execution, inspections and payment. We provide all necessary drawings and blueprints, including roof layouts, upon request. Additionally, we manage pre-bid meetings, evaluate submitted bids, select the most qualified contractors and work with the manufacturer to obtain the necessary approvals.

Building Code Navigation

Some commercial roofing projects may be subject to stringent compliance regulations, such as the International Building Code (IBC), state-specific requirements and the ASTM E-180 fire code. Working with RAM Companies guarantees that we complete your roofing project per all local laws and regulations. We also provide installation training and research to meet your needs. Furthermore, if necessary, we confirm our roof design recommendations with your local authorities to guarantee that your project meets all compliance standards.

Onsite Quality Assurance Inspections

We track your progress extremely closely during your roof installation. We also photograph and record the installation process to make sure it meets manufacturer specifications. Based on our observations, we also recommend that all workers follow all safety precautions. We are here to make sure everything goes as planned during your roof installation.

Safety Monitoring

Safety is a top priority, so we incorporate safety monitoring with our Registered Roof Observers (RRO) into our commercial roofing management service. We make sure that contractors supply all workers with proper safety gear and keep them out of dangerous areas. Additionally, we implement the mandatory use of fall protection equipment for all staff members. We also train our staff on safely operating hazardous tools, chemicals and gasses. Aside from that, you can relax because your crew has access to medical supplies and a solid rescue plan.


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