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Case Study

ABM Teams with RAM Companies

Leading the Way in Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Construction Industry

ABM Teams with RAM Companies to Save Money and Materials from Going to Waste

A Midwest motorcycle manufacturer had their hands full with an abundance of issues with their 100-plus-year-old buildings and a leaking roof. The skylights were a water entry and energy issue. The masonry parapet walls were also a source of water entry. A roofing contractor advised them that a $1-$2 million roof replacement was necessary. The proposed roof replacement did not address all of the issues.


RAM Companies was retained by ABM, the Facility Management Company, to perform a forensic roof survey. RAM Companies developed detailed recommendations that:

  • Offered a long-term solution
  • Saved capital dollars – reduced the project cost by 50%
  • Addressed the skylight and structural issues
  • Reduced the energy issues
  • Less disruptive
  • Addressed the masonry issues

The roofs were restored and were warrantied with a complete system warranty. This new solution was half the cost of the proposed contractor solution.


RAM Companies' Assessment revealed that the roof did not need to be replaced. RAM Companies recommended a roof restoration, removed wet roof areas, removed the skylights and designed a structural solution for the skylight replacement. In addition to saving significant capital dollars, RAM Companies prevented debris that would have been sent to the landfill.



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