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Case Study

JLL & RAM Saves Millions

Leading the Way in Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Construction Industry

JLL and RAM USA Saves Consumer Products Client Millions

Global CPG client in OH faced an aging roof portfolio needed to manage the inevitable future capital outlay effectively. The client delegated this responsibility to JLL. JLL hired RAM USA (A Synergy partner) to devise a comprehensive long-term capital plan.

Customized Solution

  • Global CPG client needed help evaluating the roof structural health across 4 Campuses, 15 Buildings, and 300 roof sections totaling 1,550,615 roof sq. ft.
  • Modus operandi was to replace the roof due to leak, age and appearance.
  • Thinking outside of the box, JLL engaged RAM Companies (A Synergy partner) to conduct innovative aerial infrared site surveys to report on 10 years portfolio assessment and finalize a capital plan.
  • Infrared scans are used to locate wet insulation in roofing systems; using forensic data from the images, RAM Companies identified roof sections eligible for restoration.


  • By utilizing a state-of-the-art aerial infrared site survey and virtual rooftop inspection, RAM Companies was able to recommend areas where roof restorations were possible, leading to $8.8M of cost avoidance
  • RAM Companies provided 20% lower survey cost due to Synergy preferred pricing: $25,250 cost savings
  • Portfolio Asset Value: $33,500,000
  • Survey cost: $100,950
  • Survey cost: 0.3% of Portfolio Asset Value
  • Cost avoidance: $8,800,000
  • Return on Investment on conducting the infrared roofing Survey: 8,717%

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