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Case Study


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RAM Saves USPS from Unnecessary Roof Replacements

The USPS had existing roof programs, which called for replacing many of their roofs. They wanted to make sure that this was the most appropriate action to take. RAM’s expertise was called upon to complement their programs and offer unbiased recommendations. RAM Companies' initial step was to utilize Aerial Infrared Roof Scanning and Analysis on 188 such facilities.

RAM Companies' approach offered checks and balances to the USPS’ current programs. RAM offered objective information and recommendations for selecting each roof’s best course of action based on the lowest life cycle costs. The results were dramatic, potentially saving millions of dollars.

After analyzing the data collected, RAM Companies verified that 60 roofs needed to be replaced. However, RAM determined that many roofs should only require re-skinning or restoration to perform like “new roofs.” Additionally, RAM Companies recommended that many roofs could be carried forward with merely maintenance and minor repairs.


Here are our takeaways:

  • Aerial Infrared Roof Scans Complimented Existing Programs
  • Available Options/Alternatives were Expanded Based on Lifecycle Cost
  • Millions Saved in Unnecessary Actions


Sites Scanned


Project Type

Diagnostic Roof Assessments

Roofs Replace


Cost Savings



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